Machinery & Equipment

When an integrated business valuation is required to determine the value of all of the business assets, Accredited Business Appraisals can also provide you, in house, with appraisals of the machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures. Because we are a full service firm providing appraisals of businesses, real estate, intangible assets, and machinery and equipment, we can typically provide an integrated appraisal of all of these assets at a lower price than if one had to hire separate appraisers for each asset class.

In most cases, a “Desk Top Appraisal” of the machinery, furniture, fixtures and equipment is sufficient for determining the value of a business holding multiple asset classes. A “Desk Top Appraisal” is a limited scope appraisal where the appraiser estimates the value of the equipment from his desk with only a listing of the equipment supplied to him by the owners of the business. The information required would include make, model, year, original cost, date of purchase, operational readiness, and photos.

Accredited Business Appraisals will also provide larger scope, more costly “Complete Appraisals” and “Walk-Through Appraisals” when required.

A “Complete Appraisal” provides a detailed listing of individual equipment values and aggregate values in a full narrative report, including limiting conditions, critical assumptions, definitions of and approaches to value, photos and research bibliographies.

A “Walk-Through Appraisal” is a limited scope appraisal in which a cursory inspection of the equipment is made through on site visits to determine the physical condition of the equipment, but a list of the equipment assets are provided by the owner.

Definitions of Value considered which pertain to machinery, furniture, fixtures and equipment include:

  • Fair Market Value
  • Fair Market Value – Removal
  • Fair Market Value in Continued Use (or Market Value in Place)
  • Fair Market Value – Installed
  • Replacement Cost – New
  • Replacement Cost – Used
  • Orderly Liquidation Value
  • Orderly Liquidation Value – In Place
  • Forced Liquidation Value
  • Forced Liquidation Value – In Place
  • Salvage Value