Buy-Sell Agreements

A key factor in the success of any privately held business with more than one owner is the establishment and maintenance of a sound buy-sell agreement. The effectiveness and clarity of the agreement can play a significant role in the success or failure of the business when an unforeseen event occurs, such as the loss of an owner or a shareholder dispute. A thorough and defensible valuation analysis is a key part of ensuring that unanticipated events are handled in an appropriate and fair manner for all parties.

It is important to keep your buy-sell agreement up to date. Knowing the unintended consequences of buy-sell agreement gone stale, the professionals at Accredited Business Appraisals can review your current agreement and work with legal counsel to update your agreement so it meets your unique business needs. Completing our diligent valuation process on a recurring basis not only serves to reduce conflicts when a triggering event occurs, but also serves as a benchmark to analyze your success in creating shareholder value.

Accredited Business Appraisals provides buy-sell agreement valuation services in four basic areas:

  • Buy-Sell Agreement Reviews – We will review your buy-sell agreement from business and valuation perspectives and make appropriate suggestions for improvements.
  • Annual or Recurring Business Valuations – We have been conducting recurring valuations for businesses for many years, and have current clients with more than 15 years of continuing business with us. We can be your named appraiser in annual buy-sell reviews and appraisals.
  • Named Appraiser for Valuation Processes – Many buy-sell agreements call for a two or three appraiser process to determine value when trigger events occur. Given the large breadth of business valuation expertise here at Accredited Business Appraisals, we can be either the named first, second or third appraiser in these situations.
  • Litigation Over Your Buy-Sell Agreement – Should the unfortunate event occur where a dispute arises over your buy-sell agreement, ending up in litigation, we have the extensive expertise in damages and valuation related litigation support to assist you on your behalf in these matters.