Building Shareholder Value

It is natural for private, family owned business owners to enhance their company’s value. Concurrently, private, family business owners naturally wish to keep their business in the family to build family wealth and preserve family legacies. Alternatively, the building of business value is essential to maximizing wealth and planning for future exit strategies.

Helping private, family business owners enhance their company’s value is a very important service which Accredited Business Appraisals provides. Our consulting services are designed to aid the the value creation process. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to build shareholder value through sound, effective business planning and practices.

Our professionals will take the time to understand the company, its value drivers, market position and value potential.

Starting with the interview process, Accredited Business Appraisals, will assess company and market value drivers and develop future value indications along with their respective probabilities of attainment. We will consult and assist in developing company business plans, strategies, and models. We will analyze future value alternatives based on changes in the company’s business strategy, market changes, growth rates, profit contributions, and potential changes in future shareholder composition or structure. Lastly Accredited Business Appraisals can help you with annual reviews to make certain goals are achieved or altered to meet exogenous business conditions.

To discuss your unique family business in confidence, feel free to contact us.