Business & Real Estate Brokerage

The Principals of Accredited Business Appraisers are licensed business and real estate brokers with the State of California. Ours Is A Company Which:

  • Prior to sale, advises you on company preparation for:
    • Maximizing value
    • Best Presentation
    • Prepares Selling Documents
    • Lists business or real estate asset on appropriate listing services like MLS.
  • Maintains a comprehensive data base and search capabilities of business and real estate buyers.
  • Will solicit those prospective buyers on your behalf.
  • Will research and prepare proposals summarizing your business or real property for presentation to buyers on your behalf.
  • Will write and prepare offering memorandum.
  • Will advertise your business or real property in blind advertisements to preserve your confidentiality and the confidentiality of your business or real property.
  • Will prepare confidentiality agreements.
  • Will cooperate with other brokers for buyer prospects they develop, provided that such other brokers shall be advised of your requirements for confidentiality, and shall abide by confidentiality agreements.
  • Prepare escrow arrangements for safe transfers of monies upon transaction agreement.
  • Has over 30 years of experience in business and real estate brokerage and mergers and acquisitions representing satisfied sellers.